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"I might really like my friend"
So I might like my hbf(halfways best friend). The situation goes as such: I'm Cee and my hbf is Jay. I may have a crush on him but he likes my used to be childhood friend named K.K and some others think I like him(which I kinda do).So Jay wants me to tell K I don't like him so that they can be together,but Kay has a boyfriend. Jay used to go with one of my friends and one of my ex friends. K goes with a boy I used to mess around with(not sexual) and he used to say he was my not so secret admirer. K gets very jealous and tells Jay he shouldn't have a female bf and wants him to stop talking to me. Also EVERYONE says she is a whore and I believe them because she used to mess around with boy I liked named B. Jay told me I was more important than her a while ago before he started liking her.Me and Jay sit next to each other in every class we take together and we sit in front of each other at lunch. He even buys me stuff sometimes(nothing expensive). And recently Jay's best friend L told me he likes me but I don't have any feelings for him in that way anymore. I also like L's cousin Tre,but he has a girlfriend named S who always seems to catch me and Tre in compromising positions(at school no real sex involved he just tried to kiss me or touch me and i resist). Tre is very strong and aggressive and they both cheat on each other.But I really feel Jay is worth it because he's so sexy and smart and handsome and my hbf. I've even cried because Jay and K went to a party together and my best friend told me about it. We are going riding in his car one day and he also wants to take me and a couple male friends to see furious 7. I even want to go to prom with him, maybe even have sex. So what should I do?? I really don't want to hurt his best friends feelings but he bothers me to the point where i don't want to be his friend anymore. Should I tell the girl i don't like him or tell him, maybe get my friend to ask how he feels about me?? Right now I only have eyes for Jay Please help
posted by Cee (age 16) on 3/29/2015 @12:00:13 AM •
I don't think that you should tell K that you don't like Jay if you know that you might like him. Because you would be mad or sad if it results in them going together. With that said. I believe that my best advice to you would be to tell Jay how you really feel. At least then you would get the chance to find out if he likes you back and was only using K to make you jealous. Because he most likely knows that K already has a boyfriend.
posted by Cee's best friend (age 16) on 3/29/2015
You need to figure out where your standing position is. You need to figure out what you feel for both these guys because leading them on is just wrong. BTW The only guy you need in your life is Jesus.
posted by iabh (age 21) on 5/7/2015

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