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hello everyone, please i need you people to give me some word of advice, i am young growing up boy of 23 years and did technical education, i ended with a cap certificate and i know that i did not go far in school, all i do in life sims not moving attal, i have done nearly everything so that my condition could change one day but the more i try the more difficult life becomes. i have received thousands of insult from my family members, as they keep telling me how useless i am, they also tells me how i am not working hard and they have all abandoned me to suffer, no girl wants to accept me because i am not rich. everyday i feel like i don't belongs in this world. please what should i do?
posted by lil raban (age 23) on 5/1/2015 @4:33:29 PM •
Firstly, you are a man. You can find joy in applying your skills at a job. Your skill is in high demand but even if you can't get a job in that particular field, just get a job anywhere to begin with. Just earning your own income can boost your self esteem.
posted by Big Bob (age 27) on 5/3/2015

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