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"long distance"
My best friend of 7 years moved 3000 miles away 2 years ago in may. Right before she moved, something, which you can assume what i mean, developed between us. We still talk regularly, but less and less we dont talk as much. She comes back to visit at least twice a year, three times total since she left, but i didnt have a chance to hang out with her when she came. I miss her terribly, and i still have deep feelings for her, that are affecting my current relationships. She also has a new guy, very good guy and i trust him, but they have a veeeery close relationship, in more ways than one. I really worry about the drugs and alcohol she's gotten into lately, although she's been sober the 7 months she's been dating this dude.

As her friend and first love i'm very concerned, but i just need some help.
posted by evan on 2/22/2008 @2:47:32 PM •
evan, although you and your friend developed a more personal relationship before the move, it's not going to change how she is now. she is living her own life and you should live yours. everyone goes through tha whole drinkin stage, and especially if she is committed to stop during her relationship with this guy, then you should have nothing to worry about. you need to try to find someone new to worry about and love, but dont go around desperately. someone you least expect and you already know would be perfect for you. if you dont know someone then try talkin to tha one youve always admired but havnt really gotten to know. even if that doesnt work out, remember we all have to go through this crap. just stop worrying, if your friend is happy with who she is and doesnt have a serious problem then it is time to move on. :)
posted by lindsay on 2/23/2008
me again. i forgot to mention she's moving back, just i dont know when.
posted by evan on 2/24/2008

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