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"Very confused"
My girlfriend and I have 2 kids 6& 2. My problems are with her because we both are not working for the same things together. I pay all the bills clean the house 80 % of the time. She makes a big ass mess rite after and don't usually clean it up. I feel depressed and used like this relationship isn't going anywhere at all. The stuff we argue about is over the same stuff all the time. I don't want to let my kids down and have her move out but what else is there really to try we been together for 8 years and nothing seems to change no matter how much I talk to her about it. She works 3days a week and makes about 12000 a year so she can't get her own place. Am I suppose to take care of her as if she was my kid two. Some help please thanks
posted by Kenny (age 40) on 5/18/2015 @4:19:45 PM •
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