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"Just friends?"
I dated a guy for several months and our relationship ended abruptly. His choice. The time he said he was having a lot of issues with his life and thought that he was a bad choice for me. I wished him well and told him I really liked him and hoped things would work out for him. Asked forward a few months and he reached out to me. Said he had gotten some professional help and things were going better for him. He asked if we could be friends. We started talking regularly and eventually got together in person. We have been hanging out once or twice a week for the last few months. I am confused about our current situation. I enjoy his company very much but I am having a hard time separating my romantic feelings from our current platonic relationship. We have had some clarity conversations but have had no physical contact except for an occasional hug. Should I continue on the current path while secretly hoping something more will develop or should I tell him and risk losing him as a friend. Although this may sound like a teen drama - we are both adults in our 30s.
posted by Lynn (age 33) on 5/19/2015 @2:25:39 PM •
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