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"Can't get along"
For the last few months I have been fighting with my parents. No matter what I do or say in a matter of seconds the turn it against me or blame something on me. We just don't get along. A few days ago I tried to explain my situation but they just wouldn't hear me. I then got made and yelled at my parents and my dad told me +"If I didn't want to be part of this family to get out of the house" Now every little flaw and mistake it do they flip out on me and it just happens at random times. Tonight I was cooking eggs and I told my parents my parents that I got a C+ in math (78.65%) and they flipped off on my. So because they won't listen to me I push them away and that just makes things worse. So its a lose lose situation. Any advice?
posted by Alyssia on 5/22/2015 @12:33:44 AM •
I can totally relate to you in this situation! My parents are jackasses all the time. Specially My Mom. What I Have Found Is The Best Solution To This Problem Is To Give Them The Silence Treatment The Next Time They Yell At You. Try Not To Pick Fights With Them But If They Just Go Off On You. Stay Silent. Silence Is Key. You Are Too Awesome To Have To Deal With Their Bad Temper. They Will Eventually Get Tired Off Yelling And Leave You Alone. This Has Worked For Me. I Guess It Depends On What Kind Of Parents You Have. I Recommend The Book " Dr. Birds Advice For Sad Poets"
posted by Ana on 6/29/2015

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