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"Move on ? "
I was with my ex for almost 2 years . My mom never liked him but he's my best friend. He has some flaws , such as controlling which he's gotten better at. But recently I tried dating someone else to see how it went . I don't think I am happy, I'm only happy when we're together. He's always working , but other then that were great together . My ex is always there for me , he's flip anything he was doing to come get me and just a great guy. He has controlling issues and family hates his guts. I can't be with him. Il be 18 soon. Should I go back to my ex? Am I not happy since the person I want to be with is my ex? Or do I really want something different ? Could the relationship I am in work now? He lets me be free , do what I want. Im just not sure
posted by Nikki on 5/26/2015 @11:42:48 PM •
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