relationship advice (post new situation)
"friends and roommate drama "
My old roommate since her sister come , sge have changed a lot in so many different aspects .
and whenever me or someone else have a misunderstanding and so on she gets abgry in her with her and defend her even if she was mistaken . And I am a person that support that when there is any situation with my sister involve and she is wrong I would blame her because it is fair , I support that all people must be fair even if there family is involved.
And they take anything anyone say so seriously. And when me and tgem and other friends decide to buy something together or do something together and it involve paying money they would be like we shall only pay as one and every time , I only speak and say that it wouldn't be fair and the others stay shut and then the complain that they inly pay for one. ..
and my current roommate , she don't help me clean and at all and she always lie and twist her words and she makes mad sometimes and I yell at ger then I always apologise that I have yelled at her knowibg that she is actually younger than me. Every time I say something to her she get mad and leave to our neighbours telling them that she mad and just had fifht with me so now my neighbours think of me as this horrible person and I feel like she says many horrible things about me,because a lot of people have changed the way they behave with me ....
I have many other drama going on wih my life right now and I have exams from this week up to the beginning of july and with all this it is very hard to concentrate on my studies and always cry when I think about it because I don't know what to do ....
so I really desperly need an advice .
I choose to get the advice from this website because I believe that if I really need an honest advice it should be frome someone i don't know...
so please, help me. . I need an advice as soon as possible
posted by shasha (age 21) on 5/30/2015 @2:25:28 PM •
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