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"Brother's Wedding"
Me and my fiancee have been engaged for a year and a half now and dated for 7 years before that. We are getting married on September 26, and have had plenty of time to plan the wedding. Just this past April, my brother announced that he proposed to his girlfriend, and they have decided to get married this July (just over 2 months away). I am extremely happy for my brother and his fiancee, and am excited about gaining an awesome new sister - in law. BUT I am also a little upset that they have chosen to get married so quickly and before me. I have not expressed my feelings to anyone, I do not want to ruin their day, but I feel like they are being disrespectful to me and my fiancee by having their wedding before ours. I guess there is not much I can do, just smile and be there to support them, but I can use any advice I can get! Thanks!
posted by Laura (age 29) on 6/1/2015 @10:08:57 AM •
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