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"I don't know what to do. "
I was dating this guy for a year and then another year on and off. I was friends with this girl who craved gossip and attention. She loved all the drama she drove into her life. I met her the year I started dating this guy on and off. She was the one that persuaded me to keep constantly breaking up with him. She's not to blame though, I should have been in more control of my actions. He was sick of all the back and forth and made one last move. He asked me to give him one more chance. He said if I said no, he would leave me alone forever. It was a long ass speech about how he was so sorry for being such an ****. He promised to make up for it. I said yes. I always been in love with him, always have always will. This all occurred during the summer. He kept texting me and bombarding me with endless questions of what I was doing. He was nervous and scared I was going to break up with him again. I was depressed at the time, my friend told me to break up with him. I told her I would have ended up regretting it. She convinced me and I did it in the most cowardly way possible. I did it over text. I blocked him, got off all sources of social media. Deleted kik. Deleted everything. I never got to see his response. When I blocked him on kik, his reaction erased. That friend is out of my life now, she is onto the next drama friends. Now I'm left with all this regret. I want him back. All those memories. Everything. I'm a happier person with him. Cheesy as it sounds. I'm the best version of myself with him. This year, he has been chasing other girls. Some friends told me he was doing this to get my "attention". I miss him so much. It almost been a year since the last time we had a real conversation. He was in my gym class and we had cute little moments. But nothing major. I think he gave up on me. He is convinced I want him to leave me alone forever. I'm such a stupid ****. I'm a coward. I messed up big time. It been a year, I still am in love with him . I don't know what to do now. Please help. This was a simplified version of everything.
posted by Amy on 6/8/2015 @10:28:58 PM •
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