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"what does he want from me?"
So 5 days ago, an old friend of mine texted me saying that one of her guy friends was coming back to town because he just got out of school and asked about me and wanted to get in touch with me. I had a huge crush on him a year ago, but I had only met him once and we never really talked. So, he texted me and was super charming and asked me out to "hangout" which ended up being more of a date. We went to the movies on Tuesday, and he blushed when I walked up, and paid for my ticket, and was being really flirty and cute, so I figured that he must want like a summer fling or something, and I got all excited. and then, when he walked me to my car he told me that he was going back to SB to live there the rest of summer for summer school and that he had a fun time hanging out with me. I got home and waited for a text, but none ever came, and so I got really confused and frustrated because if you're only going to be in town for 6 days then why bother reaching out to someone you don't know?? why not just hang out with your old friends? so, I texted him and said that we should get coffee before he leaves so that I could actually talk to him, and he responded a day later saying that he'd love to. But, the day came, and he cancelled saying he had to pack. So, now I am left feeling frustrated and a little used because I have no idea what his intentions were. I wanted to ask him at coffee, but didn't get the chance. Why would a guy reach out to a girl and then blow her off?
posted by Taylor (age 18) on 6/18/2015 @5:07:49 PM •
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