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"dont know what to do"
i have no idea what im gonna do in future because im 22yrs old and very poor in studies my parents have so many hopes from me but i know nothing about this world,dont know how im gonna survive in this world.
and please dont tell me that im just 22 and i am new to this world
posted by tosheeb (age 22) on 7/8/2015 @6:40:46 PM •
if it hasn't worked out, then it's not the end. you will find something. yes you might have to put some work into it but I know you will find something that suits you perfectly. If you want to be good at school bc apparently you aren't?? you've probably heard this many times but you will just have to study more and more. a little bit everyday. or you can find a hobby that you love that pays. do what you want. not what your parents want. if you make your choices a certain way, your parents should supprt you. do what makes you happy
posted by hannah on 7/13/2015

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