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My whole entire family is pretty much all alcoholics. I am only 17 years old and I am worried that i will turn out like all of them. I told myself i would never drink any sort of alcoholic beverage. I was soooo wrong. I've been drinking just about every other day. binge drinking with my cousins. I am afraid that i already have a habit that i can't break.
posted by Jacki on 2/23/2008 @12:31:59 PM •
Jacki, you HAVE started a habit. a terrible one. usually teens drink, but not every other day. you need to talk to someone seriously about it & NOT your friends or cousins. If you actually dont want to pick up this habit and have seen it hurt your family then you shouldnt be doing this. DONt hang out with your cousins anymore. And find some friends or support that will help you. After getting the fun buzzes and everything, after a while it will just become an addiction and something you will turn to make you feel better about your crappy life you have created from this habit. I dont know how to help you break this habit but hopefully you can use this as inspiration to get real help.
posted by lindsay on 2/23/2008
i've seen some really bad effects from alcohol abuse (and i'm sure you have, too). that short burst of fun or escape - or whatever it is you're looking for in a drink - is temporary. it's not worth ruining your life and the lives of others for a short, temporary thrill.

run from that alcohol!
posted by jon on 2/27/2008
My whole family is the same way as yours and I started getting drunk almost every day when I was seventeen because I had just started college. I didn't stop drinking like that until about three months ago and im now 20. Alot of people say if your family is alcoholics then you will become one but I don't believe that at all, quit hanging out with the people you drink with if thats all they do and give it some time. Don't let anyone buy you beer and don't let anyone pressure you into it and if you want to be at a party then bring something non alcoholic to drink. I haven't drank a drop in three months because it's stupid, you always wake up the next day feeling like crap... The habit is alot easier to break when your simply not around alcohol.
posted by Kevin on 2/29/2008
Wow. Well, your fear of becoming an alcoholic is already coming true. And, don't look at that as you're already lost, but look at it as you have the learning experience of what can happen if you do continue your drinking.

For example, you live with a family of alcoholics. I'm sure you already understand how it affects both the alcoholic, and the ones they love. And what you really need to do is look at yourself, and ask if that's the road you want to go down. My dad was an alcoholic, and so was his mother and father. He always meant well, I know he did, but after so long it eventually did get to him, and a lot of bad things came out of it, concluding with the divorce of my parents. I am happy to say though, he's been sober for over a year, and i'm very proud of that.

You say you have a habit you cannot break, but that's way far from the truth. What you need is the support of family and friends, and the right help to get you out of your situation. Can you resolve on your own? Of course, but it can be hard. Get real help. Go to an A.A. meeting if you want, see how it affected others. Maybe that'll help you understand what might happen to you.

Another thing, is that maybe hanging around your cousins while they're drinking isn't the best idea. You seem to know yourself the negative affects that alcohol does to people, but you surronded yourself with friends who do it too. I won't say find friends who don't drink, because that's hard. Haha, a lot of my friends drink, but that doesn't mean you have too also.

Just know, there will be those out there who will support you, and will help you get over it. My advice may not be the greatest, and I assure you there are those who can really help. So if you got anything at all out of what I said, I really hope you do consider getting professional help for yourself. You're afraid you have an unbreakable habit, and there are those who will help you overcome it.
posted by Jon the Mase (age 17) on 3/4/2008
My mom's an alcoholic, so I know how you feel. I promised myself I'd never drink, and so far it's been okay, because I make the choice not to. Why are you doing something that is hurting yourself? If you don't want to do it, I mean if you conciously ask youself "why am I doing this? is it really worth it?" then you can stop. Think about the future - do you want your kids to have a mom who is never around, never reliable? If you didn't want that growing up, then you can help yourself to not be like that in the future. I know it sounds typical, but TALK to someone. Not your cousins or your family - a teacher, guidance counsler, etc. I know it's hard, believe me i KNOW, but remember you DO have the power to stop and help yourelf. Peace and lots of good luck and wishes. <3
posted by Karen (age 16) on 3/26/2008

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