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I started talking to this guy. we already liked each other and so we were basicslly dating. after about a week he ended it. I was excited at first bc I was less stressed after. but now I think about him 24/7. literally. and it stinks bc he broke my heart and he doesn't even care. he hasn't said a word about me and is already liking another girl. ik he doesn't deserve me based on those things but I still want him to like me. I am so confused with life rn and have no idea how to fix this. how do I stop liking him if he's all I think about?? I need help
posted by hannah on 7/13/2015 @10:40:20 AM •
Love can be hard. I know you probably don't want to hear it, but it's better that it happened early in the relationship than after you had invested your time and emotions with him. It will hurt for awhile, and thinking about him all the time lets you know it was real for you. Each experience will better prepare us for the next. The best way to get him off your mind is to serve others. Find a friend who needs help, volunteer somewhere, help a neighbor, offer to babysit for a friend or family member. They love you will feel through service will help you get over this guy and be ready for the next one. Good Luck.
posted by Buddy on 7/16/2015

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