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"Fixing my old mistakes"
God I hope this works. I've liked this girls since I've moved to this state 2 years ago. She was perfect, had an amazing smile and a great attitude. We really didn't talk much but I knew she had liked me as well. And when valentines day came around I screwed up. I had gotten support from teachers and friends to sing to her in the middle of lunch at school. I had brought my own speakers and microphone. The lunchroomvwas dead quiet and ready for my performance when I figured out the speakers didn't work. I stood there empty handed and was going to do the song acapella before iI realized she was embarrassed and wanted me to stop. I didn't sing that day and acted like nothing had happened. That night i texted her and apologized for everything I had done. She replied with 'its OK'. I felt so bad and left her alone for the rest of the school year. Its been a few yeaes and since then we've talked only a few times. I felt like I lost a great friend that day trying to do something nice. I would've moved on, but i dont want the school to think im some sort off monster that jumps from girl to girl. I need advice on what iI should do in my current state. I'd talk to her again, but it may be awkward just coming out the blue and say 'hi'. I'd like for my senior year to maybe develop a relationship if possible-minus doing something drastic. Please help me.
posted by Donnie (age 17) on 7/19/2015 @2:13:05 AM •
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