relationship advice (post new situation)
"the right time"
I'm planning on breaking up with my boyfriend "Kory".
We hang out in the same group of friends, and I am afraid things will get awkward but I'm sure it is better than leading him on.
Question is: When should I do it?
Our group is planning a mall day this Saturday (Today is Sunday).
Should I break it off before the mall day? I'd have to do it over skype, but atleast I wont feel awkward and wrong being lovey-dovey with him on Saturday.
Should I break it off during the mall day? Although, it might ruin the mood, atleast I'd be able to do it in real life.
Or should I wait til after the mall day? I'd endure the wrong feeling in my gut and give him one last day with me, and tell him the day after. Which is the day before his birthday.
I need help ASAP, and any advice for letting him down easy would be good too..He's a nice guy and I dont want to hurt him..
posted by Suzie on 7/19/2015 @4:24:05 AM •
Why would you need to break up with him over skype? If there's any chance you can do it in person, I think that would be the best approach. If not, either way, I would definitely do it before the mall day. It will make the day extremely unenjoyable for oyu if you have it on your shoulders that you're planning on breaking up with him. Definitely try to get it over before then, but also think about your reasons for breaking up with him. Make sure you are 100% on board with your decisions and your reasons for ending it. If he asks why, you need a valid reason or else you'll just look bad and it could make things awkward with the other friends. Good Luck!
posted by Amber (age 22) on 7/19/2015

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