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"Ex boyfriend"
I have been best friends with this guy for over 6 years, we finally started dating and it was going great until he went away to college. We both found new friends to hang out with and a few bad things happened with my friends. No I did not cheat or anything but I was put in situations I was scared to tell the boyfriend about. I didn't tell him until about a month or 2 later and I told him I was scared about it and what not. A few months later we start fighting more and arguing more and than we finally broke up. He started taking pills and I was getting mad at him for it and it was just bad. A few days after that he comes to me crying saying he misses me and loves me and all that. Now we are pretty much friends with benefits...but tells me how much he loves me and I'm the one and tells his friends in the one. But freaks out if I even mention relationship bc he says he's scared of everything happening again. I told him I'm never talking to those people again and they are out of my lives and I have changed my life around since. Is there anything I can do? Should I just let him go? It's honestly breaking my heart and I don't know how much more I can do this waiting game. I do cute little things for him, I slept over his house, I'm with him all the time and everything...I just don't know anymore..:(
posted by Merissa (age 19) on 7/20/2015 @2:20:13 AM •
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