relationship advice (post new situation)
"my recent break up."
i just had a recent breakup.
i have a feeling i cant let him(anthony)go,
it seems like whenever i see couples holdong
hands..i think of him.
its been a while since we broke up.
he acts like he still wants to be a part
of me still,
as in flirting with me you know?
should i give flirt back..or should
i play like i dont like him anymore?
its confusing and thats why i came to you.
(p.s. im 14 years old)
posted by karolynn on 2/23/2008 @9:47:34 PM •
If you are only 14 years old, just let him go! Trust me, plenty of guys out in the world! I'd say just get over him! you can flirt back if you want to but i mean you guys broke up for a reason! i'd say just ignore him! that's what always seems to work for me!
posted by Jackie on 2/24/2008
I think a lot of us have been there before and it's completely normal to still want to be with them way after you guys have broken up. Believe me, I still have strong feelings for my ex and we broke up 2 years ago. But the thing is we've become best friends too so it's hard to let him go. The thing you have to decide is whether or not you want him in your life. If you do, then yeah it will be hard to fight those feelings but it could turn into a great friendship. But if you really just want to get over them then I suggest you try and not really talk to him for a while so you have room to get over him. It may seem hard to get over them but it's all a matter of will power; if you really want to be over him then you will.
posted by Jilliann on 2/24/2008
Trust me, it's not worth sweating over. You should take the time to meet more people before you make up your mind on who to settle with. Lifes about more then relationships.... Friendships are awesome too.
posted by Megan on 2/25/2008
if he wants to be a part of you, why did he break up with you?? it's better for you in the long run if you dont like him anymore.
posted by jamie on 3/17/2008

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