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I'm joining uni late and starting in second year. I decided to move in with my friends at a uni about an hour from my home town. We got our house in feb and now its july and everyone has pulled out of the house except myself and a guy i met briefly once. He's alright but he's not one of my close group of friends, I haven't talked to him in a year.

I had another group of friends about 3hours away at another uni that have a single bed left in they're house. I know all of these guys and they're all definitely returning to uni next year. I was thinking of swapping courses to this other uni and moving in with these guys but i don't like the idea of a small room and single bed.

Besides this my mom doesn't really want me to go to this farther university. My sister went to uni in a different country and is now a manager of multiple grocery stores i.e. got on fine. But my mom hates that i am going so far and thinks i should stick it out with the guy i dont know.

No people have applied for the other 4 rooms in the house yet. I really don't know what to do. If i leave the house i will be leaving the last guy on his own and i feel real bad about that. But i dont want to spend my days at uni bored and not out enjoying life. I know i would be more comfortable in the house with all my other friends. This is their final year of college so i will be alone up there next year unless they do a masters.
posted by Copey on 7/23/2015 @4:52:48 PM •
I personally, would take this chance to live your life, stay with the guy you not only get more space but who knows this guy could turn out to be the best friend you ever wanted, plus think of how he feels and he is still staying in the house, you never know someone might sign up for the other 4 rooms give it time, and like you said the others are on their last year, wouldn't want to be alone in a house, it would bother me to much, how much time do you have until you decide, maybe spend some time getting to know him so you don't feel as uncomfortable about it as you do ? I hope I was helpful
posted by Jay (age 18) on 8/3/2015

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