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"Strict parents "
I really like this boy I'm tired of sneezing around with him, I want to tell my parents I have a boyfriend, but last time I tried it they got so mad, they just don't understand me.
posted by Veronica (age 13) on 7/27/2015 @6:50:50 PM •
Most parents will be strict with boys when you're younger, I mean my parents drive me nuts about my relationship and I am 17! When I was 13 I sneaked around with a boy and it ended up being more trouble than it was worth, think it through Veronica.
posted by Eli (age 17) on 8/4/2015
Hi Veronica, my name is Sheila, and i have a problem kind of like yours.
Your parents are strict and sont want you having a boyfriend at your age, but you REALLY like him! i have the same problem, but you should understand, that they love you, if you explain to them, and say how much you REALLY like him, then maybe they will let you date him! And if they say no? Just wait a year or 2. If you still like him then, tell your parents you havent gotten over him. i mean, it would be unfair to keep you from dating at 15! and when was your last boyfriend? if it was a few years ago? maybe your parents will let you :)
posted by Sheila (age 12) on 8/22/2015

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