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"husband's friend"
I've had more than my fair share of problems with car tires because of nails, and problems with my bicycle and floaty. For some time I've suspected my husband's friend, who is in the construction business as popping my tires because it seems to happen after he has a visit. I've kept my suspicions to myself until recently I blow up because I went swimming with a floaty on a Saturday. My floaty and bicycle in my garage, which also doubles as a "man cage" for my husband and few of his friends. The next day I went to get up floaty and was more than half deflated. It seemed fine when I used it the day before. Then a week later I went to use my bicycle and the front tire is flat. My husband thinks I crazy and that his friend wouldn't do this.
posted by Suzi (age 40) on 8/16/2015 @2:46:03 PM •
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