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"My Guy Best Friend"
i have a problem. I have a crush on my boy best friend.

here is the thing. I have known him since first grade, and we have always been SUPER close! But back in 4th grade, i started to have feelings for him. He is really sweet and funny, and i have started to hang with him more often.

recently, he asked me if i wanted to hang at his place, so i thought it would be fun! i went there, and we didnt get to hang much, cuz his siblings were talking to me 24/7! When we finally got some alone time to talk, i had to leave, and this year has been SUPER stressful, already, 7th grade is hard, but when you dont know if a guy likes you or not...its even worse :(
posted by Cece (age 12) on 8/22/2015 @12:43:20 AM •
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