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"Side Chick?"
Okay I am in a speech class in college. It is a community college and I am an freshman. There is this guy in my speech class who caught my eye because he is a basketball player and is insanely tall. I immediately go for taller guys. Idk its just my type I guess. Okay so one day I point him out to my friend and then he kept walking by our table. SO my friend then is tryna say hi to him and stuff and idek.. that's just how she is. BUT then I guess he adds me on facebook idk how he found me but I guess theres a way. or something idk. Okay, so then I add him or whatever and he like has a girl friend and I'm just like okay whatever I don't care anymore I'm over it. because if someone is already in a relationship I'm not going to be the one to ruin it or even try and get in the middle of that. But then a few days later I have to give my introfuction speech on myself. And when I get home that day I see I have messages on facebook which I just realized that I got and I have no idea why I didn't get them before. But he said HI to me twice and then proceeded to call me a "meanie" because I didn't respond. Alright... SO then he gives me his number and I'm like ok whatever cuz he said he was at work and didn't have WiFi or whatever so I text him or whatever and its chill. BUT THEN. He starts asking if he can hang out with me. If I can visit him at work or if he can just come over to my house and I'm like uh I'm busy and stuff. And then I started getting phone calls from him but like I didn't answer because I don't even know this guy. ahhhh Idk. Ok so then I just fall asleep at like Idk 8 cuz insanely tired and he then proceeds to text me in the morning shooting me that classic "good morning" text and I guess the night before he said I take forever to respond so I apologize saying that I'm normally not like that I was just hella confused on why he kept trying to call me. So I talk to him some more and he keeps asking if he can hang out. And then he's like "could we just kick it at your house?" RED FLAGS EVERYWHERE! Because at this point Idk if this guy wants to kick it like actually hang out like good old pals OR LIKE KIICK IT.. like sexually. ja feel? So I'm like uh yea ok whatever and I just kind of stop texting him cuz busy and stuff. And then I go on Facebook and see that he wanted to hang out the same day he was going on a date with his girlfriend. Idk but I thought this was really weird and Idk if it means anything Idk if I should be overthinking this or not. I just need someone to give me some proper advice. Like do I tell his girlfriend that I think this guy is trying to hit me up or do I just let it slide and pay no attention to him? Or am I supposed to just hang out with him once maybe in a public place and see what he wants.. because keep in mind I have NEVER talked to this guy in person. And I have no idea about his past and what he does with his life. So what do I do? A part of me wants to text him and talk to him mainly because I just love meeting new people and making friends but if he is scummy and calling me hun and sending me ugly smiley faces like c: then Idk what I want to do. I guess I'm supposed to let this just play out? I'm trying to get advice I never understand boys. If you were in my position what would you do?
posted by keet (age 18) on 8/29/2015 @10:55:57 PM •
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