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"My Best Friend"
Well my best friend Nicole and I are pretty close on the outside but neither of us are open people at all...well I took the first step in trusting her and told her alot of stuff and opened up to her...well she listened and she is being wonderful about it but she still doesn't tell me anything..I kinda need to know what to do?
posted by Jessica on 2/24/2008 @3:54:48 PM •
oh and keep in mind we have been best friends for almost 2 years
posted by Jessica on 2/24/2008
my best friend isnt very open either while i am. go into a conversation smiling and make it somthin she likes to talk about and is interesting, then bring up subjects she will spill on while shes in this good mood. u have to be crazy and fun to make her feel comfortable to tlk but dont take things too annoyin or serious.
posted by lindsay on 2/24/2008

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