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"My favourite teacher hates me :("
My maths teacher this year is an amazing teacher. One of the best in the school. It's hard not to understand stuff when he explains it. A bit of drama started when I didn't understand the meaning of a word in the maths exam (it wasn't a mathematical term) and it stopped me from being able to answer the question. I asked a teacher what it meant during the exam but she didn't tell me (it wasn't my maths teacher). Afterwards, I spoke to my maths teacher about it and he said there's nothing he can do about it now that the exam is over. But I was angry because this was never an English exam so I complained to a deputy and he said he would speak to my maths teacher about it. I don't know if he has spoken to him about it or not, but ever since, he has become extremely impatient with me. I didn't even complain about him. I complained about the teacher who wouldn't tell me what the word meant. Anyway we got our results, and I kept finding mistakes in the marking where I had gotten more points on a question than recorded, and I kept pointing them out and my maths teacher kept fixing them, which resulted in me getting my mark up. Today, we got our exams back again and I saw another mistake which I showed my teacher. He fixed it, and then left the room to talk to a teacher outside briefly. While he was gone, my friend who sits behind me showed me his exam paper which he got A+ for (he's not the one for great grades so he was feeling extremely proud). Anyway the teacher came in and I was reading his exam paper when I should've been doing work. Now, my teacher is usually easy going when it comes to there things but when he came back, I turned around to give the paper back to my friend and he suddenly flipped out at me, loudly telling me how I was only on question 2a which was "way behind" even though that was basically what everyone else was up to. I pointed out that I was up to 2b and he suddenly yelled "DO NOT CORRECT ME ON 2B!!! THAT IS EXTREMELY RUDE. NOW GET BACK TO WORK!"

I just don't get it. You can't say I was being annoying for pointing out the marking mistakes because I was only claiming the mark I deserved. He just flipped out at me and he never yells. Why does he hate me? I showed him something cool I did the day before and he only forcefully smiled when he would have congratulated anyone else had it been them. This has seriously gotten me upset and I've been blinking back tears the whole day. Am I being an annoying person? Just thinking about it makes me wanna cry again and I'm not the crying type.

I guess I'm just sick of disappointing those I wanna impress most.

What do I do?
posted by Anonymous on 9/10/2015 @3:43:10 AM •
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