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"an affair"
i work with some one that is becoming very hard to resist. i am married, very happily, no kidding, very happy, but...
posted by workin hard on 12/18/2007 @11:30:40 AM •
First lets say if you were truly happy, it wouldnt be hard to resist. So you might want to reevaluate you marriage. Secondly, you do not want to open up this situation. Suppose you do, things are alright for a short term. But what happens if they sour. Now you have to work day in and day out with that person, plus go home and face your spouse. I'm not preaching, but you took a vow. Suppose if it were reversed. How would you feel if they were having a dilema such as yours deciding whether to go there or not? You would hope and "TRUST" that they would not themselves as they themselves "TRUST" that you would not either. In the end... would it really be worth it?
posted by Jay on 12/18/2007
It's not worth it. It seems like something fun for a second, but... that's something that follows you the rest of your life. Try and take all that energy and excitement to the house, and focus it all on your spouse.

I didn't intend to sound all Jessie-Jackson-y...
posted by ed on 12/18/2007

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