relationship advice (post new situation)
My best guy friend and I dated a while back and I ended up falling in love with him. We broke up after that but still kept a close friendship even when he had to move 2000 miles away to Military School. Both of us are dating people but we both still have strong feelings for each other. I'm really happy with my boyfriend but at the same time I still think about my best friend and he still thinks about me. We're graduating in May which is when he comes back for good so he's probably gonna break up with his gf since she's still a freshmen at his school in Florida. I don't know what to do when he comes back out. It's all so complicated. Any advice?
posted by JYN on 2/24/2008 @5:54:44 PM •
k is ur boyfriend now going good or do u think u and ur friend would be better?
if u reallly wanna b with ur friend then use any excuse to really break it off with tha current bf. but otherwise dont wait til ur frind is there to break up with ur bf. itll just make it worse. its not as complicated as it seems, just take care of tha situation fast before it does become confusing
posted by lindsay on 2/24/2008

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