relationship advice (post new situation)
I am in a difficult situation and I need advice. I have been with my fiancÚ for almost four years. I have a daughter from a previous marriage and we have one daughter together. I think we thought since we met we would be together.
Over time things have went downhill. He smokes pot daily and sometimes drinks too much. He got in a fight with my nephew who is 20 years younger than him and now my family completely hates him.
My relationship with him is ok. He never really listens to me but he provides for us. On weekends when he is home he won't go anywhere with us but gives us money to go do whatever. If we have a date night we go where he wants and most of the affection is from me.
When he got my engagement ring I picked it out and he bought it that was about the extent of the proposal. If I ask about getting married he just wants to get it over with and go fishing.
I love him but I am so anti drug I don't even give my cat cat-nip, I want to feel important and special and as you can tell I don't. Do I just go ahead and get married or what?? I mean that's my daughters dad and she is young. I grew up without a dad and as you can tell I am not great with relationships. I want her to see how a good healthy marriage is suppose to be, but is that what I am doing?
posted by kate (age 34) on 9/24/2015 @2:26:07 PM •
I think you should do what makes you happy you don't have to be with him just because that is your child's father. If you work and can manage without him then show him maybe he will leave the drugs alone and show you more attention and be like man she isn't playing. He is gonna think about what he had and what somebody else will have when you leave him it might hurt cause your in love but in due time your showing him he needs to change
posted by Siobhan (age 35) on 9/26/2015

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