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I know this whole thing is going t sound young and stupid but I'm going to say it anyway. I'm a 15 yr old girl, and homeschooled. Unlike almost every other homeschooled child I know (not everyone though) I am not super smart (which might bed a bad thing), I am not bully material, I am not antisocial (purposely), and I DON'T want to be homeschooled.. I was always a really social and out going kid and I couldn't wait until my freshman year so I could finally go to regular school. this year was supposed to be that year, the year where all the boys would see how pretty I have gotten, the year I would be popular, the year everyone would finally like me and I would have friends and everything. But no my mother after I begged all summer would not let me go to school to see my friends to try to get a date try to be on the homecoming court (I just cried all night on homecoming) I know its all superficial but I love doing that kind of stuff I love being the center of attention like that making my parents feel like I'm not a disappointment. But nope still home slowly watch as my best friends slip away one by one with better friends and boyfriends, I guess they weren't my real friends then... So about 2 yrs ago I started talking to boys online for fun because I was bored. Well it started out just talking to one once a night then never again then they got longer and longer and longer. Until they started getting so attached that they started to want to send me presents and I of course loved that. Then I asked an older boy quite a few states away from me to take me away this summer for awhile. He said he didn't want to get in trouble from my parents. So I asked them if he could come visit me. That didn't work... Tonight they took my phone looked through all of it and made sure I would never hear from him again. I want to leave right now... I don't think they understand if they let me go to school I would have real life friends I would stop manipulating guys online and leave.. They won't listen to me. And to make this all worse this guy that I have (I know this sounds stupid) loved since I was 9 years old still hasn't made his move on me. And it really is beginning to hurt me. I have tried thinking about other guys and getting him away from me. But then I start to have these amazing dreams about him. They are so real that for a few seconds I walk u so so so happy that I want to burst but then I realize I'm awake and cry... Just please tell me what you think about this part of me
posted by G on 10/15/2015 @10:56:44 PM •
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