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"My Friend"
My friend just recently decided she is "in love" with my ex that I still have feelings for. She came to my house the other day only to meet yup with him so they could do "it." We've talked about it and there is no way that is going to be put to a stop. I'm still furious. What do I do?
posted by trinity (age 17) on 10/16/2015 @6:49:03 PM •
This sounds really bad, but here are something's you can do: One: Get over him and find somebody new. It can be hard and all but once you find a guy you really like your will be over him. If your like me and its hard to get over guys here's something else to do: Make her and/ or him jealous of you. Find a new boyfriend, maybe and ex- she might always talk about. Become best friends with one of his friends.
posted by Livi on 10/28/2015

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