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"College choices "
Im a senior and im picking colleges. My boyfriend is going to play baseball at a school in another state and he wants me to go too. My mom doesn't want me to go to that school and she said she wouldn't pay for me if I went there. She wants me to stay in the city im in with my parents and go to college here. My boyfriend said he won't do long distance. If I stay I lose my boyfriend of 15 months but if I go then I basially lose my parents who cry almost every day that im growing up because im an only child and they tell me how much they don't want me to go and then that makes me cry...
posted by Megan on 10/17/2015 @9:27:24 PM •
I say stay with ur parents cuz I think family is superimportant and you might find an even better boyfriend.
posted by A person on 10/24/2015

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