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"me and a boyfriend"
ok me and my boyfriend hav been together for a year now..but my mom and dad dont like him they dont even jnow were dating i cant really hang out wiht him anymore either its really hard! but he still LOVES me...we alsys argue about the most stupid things ever...

idk what to do.
can you help me???
posted by nena on 2/24/2008 @7:23:08 PM •
Usually when parents don't like boyfriends they have reasons. Some reasons might be obvious ex. drug use etc. or they sense something that might hurt you in the end. They mean well but you won't see it until years from now. WOW i sound like i'm a mom....i'm only 23 and no children! lol
Needless to say i would weigh my options. Is he worth your family having problems? or is it worth it to continue sneaking around?
posted by Felicia on 2/24/2008
parents aren't always right. i don't know enough about your situation to say they are or aren't.

my bf and i have been dating for nearly two years. my parents totally pushed me away when we started dating. and for no reason other than he is older. now my mom loves him and has apologized for all of the hurtful things she's said and done. i still rarely talk to my dad...BUT there was truly no reason whatsoever for them to not like my bf. and in the end, it was all totally worth it.

so...ask your parents why. if their excuse is valid, consider what they say. if it's not, you should live your life. just as long as your bf is good to you, do what makes you most happy.
posted by me on 2/25/2008

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