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I dont know what to do. I've been with my boyfriend Pete for over 3 years, all of crazy, messed up **** has happened but somehow we are still trying. He went to prison and I cheated on him a few times, right before he went he cheated on me and I seen the videos, he moved me out to his city, and its so far away from home when he went I became homeless, and starts using drugs with some girl who let me stay. He has hit me before, but once he got out, and found out everything that I've done it has gotten worse. He's told me he was going to kill me, and I just don't really know what to do. He brings up my past all the time, talks about **** that really hurts me, and doesn't make me feel loved. He always thinks he's right. He makes me give him all my money, calls me a cunt **** lying whore. It gotten so bad that we broke up for a week and I started seeing someone who treated me 100% better. I'm scared if I stay with him **** will only get worse. If I tell him ****, he makes me feel like. . Trash. Even though that's what he says he wants. I'm so confused, scared, and IM starting to think its just me. Am I crazy??? I dont know what to do... I'll become homeless if I leave him, even though I'm working two jobs and he's not working any. Please help me....
posted by katie (age 22) on 10/23/2015 @5:22:56 AM •
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