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"to stay or to go"
Last school year, I became best friends with a guy named robert. Robert and I share many mutual friends, and he even briefly dated my roommate for 2 weeks about a year ago. We continued being close friends over the rest of the academic year, and remained in close contact over the summer break. At the first party of the school year, we both kinda admitted to the other that we liked each other. Apparently he had liked me the entire year last year, while I had only liked him for a brief time and then didn't think about it too much.
However, we began seeing each other and hooking up frequently. This has been going on for around 2 months now, and we are not dating. I know he wants to be in a relationship with me because he has talked about it before.
However, here is my dilemma. I cannot figure out if i like robert because it is easy and convenient or if i genuinely like him. He is very emotionally immature, and often gets upset with me for doing things such as dancing with other guys at parties or not noticing things about him that are impossible to notice. He feels i do not care as much as he do about the relationship. I do care, but i believe he is more invested than i am.
I am worried he is too attached to me and that i would devastate him if i ever stopped seeing him, even though we are not dating. recently, another man expressed interest in me, and if he continues to, i would like to see how that goes as well. I understand that if robert knew about this, he would be very angry and it would ruin whatever it is that we have. However, i dont know who to choose.
on one hand, there is robert. things have been going well for the most part over the past few months, but i feel we do not have much in common, and he often makes me feel guilty, and i feel the friendship would be destroyed should any romance stop. However, he claims he really likes me but does not do anything to prove it or put forth effort.
i am scared i am wasting the young years of my life and do not want to put all my eggs in one basket with robert. he is great in his own way, but not my type and frankly needs to grow up. i am still interested in other people but cant tell if i would want to be more committed to him if he proved himself more. i sometimes feel i could do better but then what if nobody better comes along?
please help...i dont know what to do.
posted by m (age 19) on 11/4/2015 @12:19:05 AM •
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