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"my roommate in college"
I am a freshman in college and was paired with a random roommate. Immediately within the first week, she told me about being raped, and having bipolar disorder, followed with severe depression, anxiety, adhd, and eating disorders. She has frequent attacks which disrupts my living, especially since they occur at random hours of the night, and she sleeps all day so I can't do anything in my own room whether it be sleep or do work. She also got a job working as a waitress and comes home at 3 am some nights, which never fails to wake me up. She cries everyday, and i'm very supportive to her and I try my hardest but I can't keep up with this. I haven't gotten a good nights sleep in over 3 months, the room smells awful, sometimes she yells and screams at me and sometimes she just sits there proclaiming how much she wants to kill herself. It isn't fair to me to have to live like this.
posted by Jenny (age 19) on 11/5/2015 @9:10:41 AM •
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