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"so here i am"
well im kinda in a weird situation. im two months pregnant and my bf evidently is mad about it. he doesnt seem happy. he already has one kid and loves her to death. i cant seem to understand why he doesnt love mine. yes we have been having really bad problems but he shouldnt not love my baby, ya know. i think it might be because he is going to have to be around all the time, and we are not as close as we used to be.can you help me figure out what needs to be done?
posted by jordan on 2/24/2008 @10:05:22 PM •
talk talk talk to him about it. is he actually mad or just REALLLy stressd? hmmm
posted by lindsay on 2/24/2008
was this a surprise pregnancy? if so, it may be that he isn't sure what to do just yet. it may be that the whole thing will just need to settle.
posted by janna on 2/25/2008

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