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"Hard Relationship"
So I love a girl and she loves me, but I think she likes another boy, too ( yeah, 2 boys, it`s hard x( ) We argued with her on this theme with the love, because she feels the love and I feel the love, I told her, why to don`t be a couple? To be happy. She refused me, she said she needs time. She told me for X square times that she loves me a lot. after I argued with her she didn`t tell me that, but she told me she still love me, but she treats me like a friend, a little bit more like a friend. What can I do to tell her that I love her, something indirect or another advices. Please help me, I`m so sad...
posted by Denis (age 14) on 11/5/2015 @11:57:00 PM •
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