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I'm in-between a rock and a hard place rite now and i need an outsiders opinion. Ok i have a really amazing boyfriend. we dated on and off as kids but now that were older we have been in a serious relationship for 3 years. He is so good to me and i am more in love with him than i have been with anyone in my life. Theres just one problem, he doesn't want to grow up completely, or so it seems. we are currently living with his parents. and he doesn't have a job. hes in school but only when he feels like going and it really sucks me his mom his dad and even his friends have tried talking some since into him and he has so much potential but doesn't want to use it because his dad gives him anything he wants cuz hes his only child and its worse because hes the last boy in his family line. but anyway so the other night me and his mom were talking about everything and she approached me with what she REALLY wants and thinks i should do. she thinks that i should "accidently" get pregnant. she even talked to his sister and cousin and they agreed with her. and i could go on and on about all of the good things a baby could do for me him his family AND my family who are begging me for to have a baby. the only thing is is that he is always joking about not wanting kids till we are 30 or 40 but sometimes i think hes serious. we all just want to give him the push he needs so badly. and when his mom asks him what he would do if i got pregnant he says hes gonna get a job and do what he has to. so what should i do should i listen to his mom and go behind his back and get pregnant or should i tell her i cant. i have charted out all of the good and bad but i need an outside opinion before i can make a decision. please help me.!!!!
posted by bb on 11/10/2015 @10:21:56 PM •
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