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"Best friend"
I have this friend who is my best friend since fourth grade.Let's call her 'Jasmine'(not her actual name). She is the only one out of all my packs of friends to stay by my side.The rest of my 'friends' left all in one year because of how closed off I became due to depression. Even if Jasmine is always beside me, I never tell her about serious problems at home. Her parents are really strict so we never had a sleepover or hung out a lot. We are always close yet so far apart. I never tell her about things at home because I don't want someone who is super smart, beautiful and great(like her) to judge me. I (most likely you) have been judged and I'm afraid she will leave me like everyone else in my life. Anyway, there was this new girl last year named Alice (also not her real name) and I became some what acquainted with her because we used to walk home on the same street. Anyway, long story short, I told her some of my problems because I thought of her as 'just someone I knew' and next thing I know, her along with a few other people began to hang out with me and Jasmine. OF course I enjoyed their company, they are really cool people to hang out and I began to believe we could be friends but I started to get jealous of Alice. She was always nice and outgoing so I envied her. The fear of her taking Jasmine away from me quickly became strong. I guess you can call it 'possessive' or whatever but slowly I know I am disliking her. I know I am being selfish but I cant help myself. They basically hang out a lot since I'm busy with extra classes and they have most of their classes together! I know everyone one likes Alice, even Jasmine,so I understand I need to stop this unwanted feeling before I become a mega 'female dog'. Jasmine seems to like her and part of me does too but there are times when I feel the need to force a smile and laugh. Any advice?
posted by brandy (age 13) on 11/11/2015 @2:08:45 AM •
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