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My boyfriend and I live with his mother and step-father. His mother is bedridden and is a medicine-induced toddler in an adult's body. His step-father has small and miscellaneous jobs here and there for the landlord. My boyfriend and I are trying to find jobs, but are having little luck. So we mostly live off of his mother's disability and child support that she still gets from his father because he refused to over the years. Here's the problem: his step-father is mentally and emotionally abusive and sometimes even threatening. He is also on illegal drugs. He is in charge of the money and the car because my boyfriend's mother is too afraid to disobey him. My boyfriend and I are fed one meal a day and are only fed after he has fed his dog and my boyfriend's mother first. We get leftovers and for breakfast and lunch whatever we can find around the house. And when we do find food, he goes and tells my boyfriend's mother we are eating HIS food he needs to make dinner with. My boyfriend and I have no where else to go, and if he or I try to change things his step-father threatens to have me kicked out (as he is on the lease and I am not) or to call the police accusing me of things such as rape (because he thinks my boyfriend is still seventeen). He even says that since I've moved he can't eat even though most of the money he uses on snack foods for himself that he hides in the living room where he sleeps and he eats the one meal he makes and finishes his plate before we are even called to eat. He even makes meals that I can't eat a lot of the time because of my medical problems (IBS, surgically removed bladder, allergic to certain spices, etc.) He is supposed to take care of the apartment, but dishes are piled all over the kitchen and every other room besides the one I share with my boyfriend is absolutely atrocious. My boyfriend and I have to hide all our valuables before bed or before we go anywhere in fear his step-father will take it and pawn it. I have the ability to get a job, but in order to I need fifteen dollars and a ride downtown. But the step-father refuses. Were afraid if either one of us gets a job, he will blackmail us for money. We would move out, but we have no money and no one else to take us in. My own mother kicked me out the very moment I turned eighteen. Two-nineteen on an April morning (the time I was born) I was violently ripped from bed and told to pack everything I could and get out.
posted by Shelby (age 18) on 11/23/2015 @5:24:33 PM •
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