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"Sneaky Woman Scorned"
I was married for 15 years and we have 3 children. In the marriage I realized my husband had several affairs. Needless to say we seperated. Upon the seperation, I realized that he had children with 3 of the women. We seperated for five years. I moved to another state and was in a relationship 4 years but realized we make better friends (maybe cause I am a woman scorned). My ex husband end up getting sick with cancer and one of the mistresses end up nursing him back to health. We were not talking for the 5 years. Once he overcame his cancer, and end up reaching out to me. He said he wanted to call peace and begin a relationship a least for the kids. He is still with the mistress that nurse him back to health and the end up having two children together. He requested that we be friends since our children are siblings. He also wanted me to be cordial to the other mistresses who have his kids. In the interim he became good friends but he stated that he still has feelings for me. Acting on that we started to sneak around and have sex. I don't believe I share the same feelings he has but ironically I like the sneaking around. I do believe his mistress knows but she would dare confront anyone. What do I do with this situation? Do I leave this alone or string them along like they did me a few years ago? Or am I truly a sick person beyond help?
posted by Eva (age 41) on 11/29/2015 @10:02:40 AM •
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