relationship advice (post new situation)
"i like her"
this is strange for me. i mean i like the girl, but she's a little strange. but when we're intament, she's amazing. she kisses with amazing passion, and she fits like a puzzle piece when we sleep. i've never been so comfortable sleeping with someone.
but she's a bit strange, and i feel like i may not like this for the future. that and she's super busy during the week, so we probably won't even get to see eachother untill the weekend.
should i try to make things work, or should i try to distance my self?
o, i forgot to mention, we're super into eachother... but we haven't even known eachother for a whole week.
posted by sason on 2/25/2008 @11:42:22 AM •
ok first off you dont need to see each other everyday of the week trust me .. your relationship wont last long it will get annoying... but give her a chance you seem like yall have chemistry. so whats the big deal.. go for it!
posted by tiffanie on 2/26/2008

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