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"I love my ex"
My ex broke up with me a little over 3 weeks ago. I was a mess for a few days but I asked to meet the next Sunday to eat and talk. We did and I handled myself so much better it felt good being with her. She cried a couple times so I know she still loves me. It's been two weeks since I talked to her then. We go to the same college and have been together for 4 years. She is very involved in her dance team, work, sorority and school so I made myself feel like I was being left out of her life because she was so busy and lost confidence, self esteem when I talked to her. That's why we broke up. Now I feel I'm a outgoing confident man like I was before. What should I do next?
posted by Evan (age 22) on 12/13/2015 @11:37:00 AM •
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