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"They're in the way"
I am a good student in my orchestra class, and have done many things to benefit the group. This year though, I decided to leave the class because one of the teachers was beginning to show her angry side to me. She treated me harshly, and to make it worse I "misbehaved" during a concert. Misbehave to them was telling jokes and running around. Outside!!! Where nobody is at! aigooooo! Now my private lesson teacher told me that she was disappointed, angry, etc. This made me very annoyed because I was the only one called upon. Nobody else got in as much trouble as I did. I told my mother, and she said to talk to the teacher, so I did. I thought me and the teacher were cool now, but two days later she texts my mom saying that I am persuading other people to leave, and that I am forming a group to rebel and whatever. This is absolutely not true, I even got the people in orchestra to honestly reply one question: "Have I ever tried to persuade you to leave orchestra?"

How can I survive the 3 weeks left of this semester? Haha I hate that class :(
posted by Wiener Lol on 12/14/2015 @9:58:46 AM •
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