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"girl problems"
I have had the hardest time in the world getting a girlfriend. I have asked many people and have been turned down everytime. Does anyone have any ideas what I may be doing wrong?
posted by Tom Kindlon on 2/25/2008 @12:48:26 PM •
it's not about straight up getting a girlfriend, kid. you should become friends with them first and be real with them. don't fake who you are so someone likes you, because it'll get old real fast. there IS someone out there for everyone, so don't change who you are to get that person who isn't meant for you.

if you guys are different, then that's what's fun. it's always interesting to find out the perks of people and what makes them, THEM.

there's lots of girls out there who are open-minded, like myself, who i'm sure would chill with you. =)
posted by t-lo on 2/26/2008

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