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My husband and I retired and moved across country to save money. We had $100,000 to live on plus my $900 month Social Security. I bought a $30,000 fixer. I furnished it. Husband paid for misc stuff, plus the cost of the move for a total of about $10,000. We have been here about a year. He just advised me that he has spent his ENTIRE $50,000 already. I am down to about $15,000. We were supposed to end up with about $50,000 to live on for the net 6 years till he gets SS.

I am absolutely LIVID. Never told me he had spent soooo much. Don't know on what. Don't care. He refuses to go to work. I am disabled. I am at a point of selling this house and moving back home with what little I have left.


posted by Linda (age 63) on 12/30/2015 @1:53:10 AM •
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