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"jack and I"
so I met this guy in my law school class and so him and i went out on a date and after we kissed eachothers lips. A week after he said that he could not move forward with me.And then after winter break he said that he liked me and he wanted to cuddle with me and hang out with me. But then two days later he said that him and his father got into a fight and i saw him talking to a conluser while i was walking to class.And he hasnt texted me in two days. So what should I do.Should i be postvite and believe that we will be together or just give up. Am i unlovable why havent I found love yet? I have been praying for love and i want it soon but my prayers havent been anwesred.What should Ido?
posted by christie on 1/16/2016 @3:37:31 PM •
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