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"Should I do this study abroad program?"
I am in nursing school presently and I have the opportunity to go on a study abroad for 2.5 weeks to a country in the middle east. (Side note: This particular country is considered safe.) It is a country which I have always been interested in. The cost is pretty high, but I did the math and I can afford it without too much pain involved.

Here is my problem:
I am not working and I am married. My husband is gracious enough to not give me heck about not working so I can focus on my studies. As you may know, nursing school is grueling and time consuming. Anyway, if I go, I will be spending money on a trip in which my husband can not enjoy. He is making all the money and he works VERY hard for us. He is okay with me going, but something inside of me is telling me it's not right when he works so hard for me to just take off.

However, I will most likely never get this chance again. My husband would never spend money on a vacation to the middle east. But, with this money we could go on vacation together, but most likely to somewhere in the US for a week. Also, this study abroad would take care of my elective class I must do before I can graduate. Also, I never have been outside of the US and I feel like this would be a good opportunity for me to see a part of the world that many people will never get to see.

It is hard for me to imagine going on a vacation without my husband, especially to somewhere so far. We really enjoy our vacations together, and it is a part of our life we like to look back at and smile and laugh. If I go on this trip it will only be something I can think about or talk about with my nursing friends. But my husband is very important to me. Very torn here! Thank you in advance!
posted by CC (age 28) on 1/27/2016 @12:53:47 PM •
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