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"money love and confused"
I have been with someone for 9 years we share a 3 year sold and just recently purchased a home together. Our relationship has been ok- i always knew he is kinda of cheap or reserve with money but recently he won almost 30,000 and haa become more cheap like doesnt want to go out and not once he even say lers go out to celwbrate or here is some money after all we share a son, a home, expenses etc. this situation has hurt me deeply and resent him not because of the money but the principal i think if it would has been me the one that won I would had at least asked him if he needed any money for his bills ans now I doubt his intentions and if its even worth me been with slmeone like this- i feel its selfish and i am so confused!! Please help me understand if I am on to something or just over reacting
posted by Ceci (age 36) on 1/30/2016 @6:04:46 PM •
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