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"A monster named Me"
So it seems I have made a rather large mistake.
I was seeing a man, a very attractive, charismatic man, who claims that he loves me and also that I taught him how to love. I had told him the feelings were mutual. Because they are. I love this man very much. But I don't see him very often and we hardly ever talk. I understand he is a very busy bee but I've let him know many times that when we go weeks without talking I get nervous that he will find someone else that fits in his life better. He tells me that he's sorry but it hasn't changed. I still only hear from him once a week.

I met another man, this one is also very attractive and many many other things. We met through mutual friends. We started talking on a daily basis and hanging out without our other friends.

My mistake: The man I had previously mentioned, had pulled one of his famous disappearing acts. My new friend and I had become rather close and one day I was feeling rather neglected. Before I knew it, we were interlocked in an exchange of passion. And I failed to stop it from furthering.

The second man is growing feelings for me and I him. This was unintentional, but it seems I can't stop these feelings from poking through. I had only wanted to be happy with the first man. I felt neglected but I also felt I was learning to be patient in waiting to hear from him. I'm not sure why I went through with what I did. I betrayed someone I love and more importantly someone who loved me. I now feel like the only solution is for me to end my existence. I feel absolutely terrible for what's happening.

I don't know what to do.
posted by Female;Age20 on 2/8/2016 @7:05:19 AM •
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